NUTSon Collaborates with BOT Planet

2 min readJul 25, 2022

NUTSon is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with BOT Planet, the one-stop crypto ecosystem that combines DEX, farming, NFTs, and games. BOT Planet aims to lower the barriers to crypto adoption by creating a unique, versatile, and easy-to-enter ecosystem.

The partnership signifies the common aim to boost cryptocurrency adoption and increase community engagements, by holding cross-marketing activities that include AMA sessions, competitions, and much more. As an official partner of NUTSon, BOT Planet will promote the brand across the growing channels and educate the community about Watch&Earn opportunities and the entire scope of crypto-related topics.

About BOT Planet

BOT Planet was created in 2021 by young crypto enthusiasts. While the project is fairly young, the team has already moved quite a bit, taking small steps every day. The project’s team takes a big interest in new technologies and believes that all of them should be universal, simple, and easy to master for every user. While developing the ecosystem BOT Planet wanted to cover as many areas that involve the crypto market as possible.

Now the BOT Planet ecosystem includes DEX, farming, staking, wallet, NFT marketplace messenger, and the game.

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About NUTSon

NUTSon is a short video platform with Watch&Earn mechanics, which pays all users for viewing content. NUTSon’s mission is to let all people, not just bloggers, make money on social networks. NUTSon works within the Attention Economy framework that believes that human attention has a new cost. The main idea is that attention is converted into income with digital platforms. You pay attention to what you want and get paid for it. Your attention has a certain cost.




NUTSon is a short-video platform where you get paid for participating in challenges. Everything you love about social media plus the way to make money out of it