NUTSon and EYWA Partner up

2 min readJul 19, 2022

NUTSon continues to expand the boundaries of the watch-to-earn world, bringing more promising projects into a partnership. That’s why we’re especially excited to have EYWA, a cross-chain data and liquidity protocol, as one of our new partners.

Together, we are going to develop the Web3 space, try to make it better and more captivating, improve watch-to-earn experience and engage more participants. Moreover, NUTSon and EYWA plan to introduce their users to cross-marketing activities that promise to become informative and useful for both. We believe this partnership will become a new step towards building a united and unlimited space where everyone can get a new experience in the watch-to-earn world.

About EYWA

EYWA is a middle layer for all blockchains, that solves interoperability issues and opens limitless opportunities for operations between different chains: cross-chain dApps development, asset management, and more.

EYWA’s fully decentralized cross-chain data bridges enable the creation of smart contracts management systems in different chains.

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About NUTSon

NUTSon is the short video platform with watch-to-earn mechanics, which pays all users for viewing content. Our mission is to let all people, not just bloggers, make money on social networks.




NUTSon is a short-video platform where you get paid for participating in challenges. Everything you love about social media plus the way to make money out of it