Meet NUTSon: A Short Video Platform

2 min readApr 14, 2022


Hello friends, let’s get to know each other! We are NUTSon, a short video platform where users get paid for taking part in challenges.

On NUTSon, we provide an opportunity to give everyone a chance to monetize their creativity and knowledge through content! NUTSon gives you freedom to be yourself: not to adapt to formats, advertisers, or trends.

What Do We Offer?

An easy way to make money on social media. We solved this problem and created a platform for short videos, which allows you to view the content and earn.

Opportunity for development for everyone. On Instagram and TikTok, it’s hard for beginner bloggers to get recommended. NUTSon uses different algorithms; there are no established leaders who have taken all the top positions in the recommendations.

Our Achievements

For a couple of months of work, NUTSon has achieved significant results:

- App is available in the App Store and Google Play

- We attracted 500+ bloggers to cooperation with a total audience of more than 500 million subscribers

- The team employs more than 140 people from 29 departments

- NUTSon entered the TOP-5 most downloaded applications in the category “Social networks in Russia and CIS countries”

NUTSon is actively developing and already has over a million app installations! Join us now, we will help you make your wildest ambitions come true!

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NUTSon is a short-video platform where you get paid for participating in challenges. Everything you love about social media plus the way to make money out of it