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2 min readApr 25, 2022


We would like to inform you that we have added a system of server levels and ranks to our Discord community! The more active you are on the server, the more rewards you can get. The most active members of the community will be able to receive wonderful rewards. Join our official Discord community right now and get rewarded for your activity.

How does it work?

When Discord members send messages, they receive a certain level. Members on the server will gain “experience” and level up as they are active on the server. At certain levels, users can be awarded a role on the server. This role corresponds to the established awards for the role.

Join our official Discord server now and get rewarded for your activity. Once you’re on our Discord server, go to the #🎭 | roles

@Watcher — this role is intended for everyone, all verified users receive it

@Blogger — this role is awarded for valuable contributions to our community. Chat, help others, report spammers, promote on Twitter, join the AMAs and become a blogger!

@Celeb — this role is for those who are masters of actual activity on the channel, or for those who have a certain amount of NTS tokens

@NUTSoner — this is the best role that only the most devoted and committed members of the NUTSon community can be awarded, and those with the full pockets of NTS tokens

@Meme Man — the role for top meme-makers on the server, win a meme contest to get it

Join NUTSon Discord now:

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